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McEwen Mining: Have You Heard of the Largest Incentive Prize in History? TORONTO, ONTARIO, February 11, 2021 – McEwen Mining Inc. (the “Company” or “McEwen”) (NYSE and TSX: MUX) wants you to know about of the world’s largest ever incentive prize of $100 million. “As a proud member of the XPRIZE Foundation’s Vision Circle, I am helping spread the extraordinary news of their newest and boldest challenge ever, XPRIZE Carbon Removal at https://www.xprize.org/prizes/elonmusk, which is aimed at tackling the biggest threats facing humanity — climate change and the imbalance in Earth’s carbon cycle. Elon Musk and the Musk Foundation are funding this unprecedented $100 million prize purse. Elon is a great friend of XPRIZE and a former Trustee and Vision Circle member. This competition is open to everyone in the world! I urge you to start thinking about how to remove, reduce, dilute CO2 in our atmosphere and oceans. Remember that we all possess the biggest gold mine for ideas on earth and it is located right between each of our ears. Let your imagination run with creative solutions and collectively we will create a better world. And who knows, maybe you will win the $50 Million 1st place prize!” commented Rob McEwen, Chairman & Chief Owner of McEwen Mining and member of the XPRIZE Board of Trustees and Vision Circle. The NYSE and TSX have not reviewed and do not accept responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of the contents of this news release, which has been prepared by management of McEwen Mining Inc. ABOUT MCEWEN MINING CONTACT INFORMATION: Investor Relations: (866)-441-0690 Toll Free (647)-258-0395 Mihaela Iancu ext. 320 info@mcewenmining.com Website: www.mcewenmining.com Facebook: facebook.com/mcewenmining Facebook: facebook.com/mcewenrob Twitter: twitter.com/mcewenmining Twitter: twitter.com/robmcewenmux Instagram: instagram.com/mcewenmining 150 King Street West Suite 2800, P.O. Box 24 Toronto, ON, Canada M5H 1J9 McEwen Mining is a diversified gold and silver producer and explorer focused in the Americas with operating mines in Nevada, Canada, Mexico and Argentina. It also owns a large copper deposit in Argentina. McEwen Mining Inc. Page 1

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SeaMerlin The SeaMerlin Engine is a water based gas leverage turbine for marine propulsion, seawater distillation, oceanwater CO2 harvesting, and more.

About: More about Infinity Turbine and the quest for the Xprize... More Info

Strategy and Consulting Services: Renewable energy strategy, Organic Rankine Cycle, CO2 energy, and Sonification technology consulting... More Info

@elonmusk XPrize $100 million CO2 Challenge: Carbon Removal Prize Challenge Sponsored by Elon Musk... More Info

CO2 Phase Change Demonstrator: Experiment with gas to liquids (CO2 to alcohol) using Nafion and our phase change demonstrator cart (we can ship worldwide)... More Info

CO2 GTL Gas to Liquids Experimental Platform: Experiment with gas to liquids (CO2 to alcohol) using Nafion (electrolyzer membrane) and our phase change demonstrator cart (we can ship worldwide). CO2 goes supercritical at 31 C. This is a experimental platform which you can use to demonstrate phase change with low heat. Includes integration area for small CO2 turbine, static generator, Nafion pellets, Nafion membrate, or Nafion tubes... More Info

Concept: The concept of the SeaMerlin Engine is to convert or supplement existing marine vessel propulsion to a gas leverage turbine which scavenges CO2 from saltwater at the same time it provides vessel thrust.

CONTACT TEL: 608-238-6001 Email: greg@seamerlin.com (Standard Web Page)