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Submission Notes Team C2CNT Round 2 Submission Extracts nrg cosia CARBON XPRIZE Climate change and global warming are a growing threat to the continuity of life on the planet Earth. Climate change caused by increased greenhouse gas levels is killing, and is increasingly killing off (will be the direct cause of the extinction) of as much as 50% of the species on our planet by the turn of the century. This is a report by the CARBON XPRIZE Team C2CNT as a Round 2 Submission of the development of the team’s proprietary technology to end global warming produced by the principal greenhouse gas carbon dioxide, and remove anthropogenic carbon dioxide which has been released and growing at an alarming rate since the inception of the industrial revolution. Team C2CNT’s proprietary technology directly removes the widest range of carbon dioxide from the ecosystem. C2CNT technology simply transforms carbon dioxide into carbon and oxygen, and the carbon produced is permanently removed (stable on the order of geologic time frames). C2CNT technology directly removes, transforms and stores atmospheric (0.04%) CO2, and directly removes 5% CO2 is directly (without pre-concentration) removed from the air, up 5% CO2 (pertinent to the Track B removal of gas power plant CO2 emissions of this submission). C2CNT technology directly removes, transforms and stores removes 5% CO2 is directly (without pre- concentration) removed from the air, 12.5% CO2 (pertinent to the Track A removal of coal power plant CO2 emissions of this submission), 33% CO2 (pertinent to the complete removal of CO2 from cement production plants), or 100%. The C2CNT process is very low cost. Even more important, the C2CNT product is an extremely valuable form of carbon (carbon nanotubes). For example, carbon nanotubes are thousands of times more valuable than coal. The low production cost of carbon nanotubes by C2CNT technology is intended to substantially increase their market share to become the clear replacement product of choice for the billion dollar steel and aluminum (due to CNT’s much high strength to weight ratio) for products as varied as car bodies to lighter-weight laptop computers. Carbon nanotube’s outstanding electrical and thermal conductivity, torsional and blast resistance make them preferred additives to improved, ceramic, cement and opens a wide range of new textiles, such as veneer thin, bullet and taser-proof suits. C2CNT provides a major economic incentive to “mine” this greenhouse gas and change carbon dioxide from pollutant to desired resource 2

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SeaMerlin The SeaMerlin Engine is a water based gas leverage turbine for marine propulsion, seawater distillation, oceanwater CO2 harvesting, and more.

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Concept: The concept of the SeaMerlin Engine is to convert or supplement existing marine vessel propulsion to a gas leverage turbine which scavenges CO2 from saltwater at the same time it provides vessel thrust.

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