CO2 Mitigation

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CO2 Mitigation ( co2-mitigation )

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Naval Research Laboratory Washington, DC 20375-5320 NRL/MR/6360--17-9743 Extraction of Carbon Dioxide and Hydrogen from Seawater by an Electrolytic Cation Exchange Module (E-CEM) Part V: E-CEM Effluent Discharge Composition as a Function of Electrode Water Composition HeatHer D. Willauer Materials and Systems Branch Materials Science and Technology Division Felice DiMascio Office of Naval Research Arlington, Virginia Dennis r. HarDy Nova Research Inc. Alexandria, Virginia August 1, 2017 Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited.

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CO2 Mitigation

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SeaMerlin The SeaMerlin Engine is a water based gas leverage turbine for marine propulsion, seawater distillation, oceanwater CO2 harvesting, and more.

About: More about Infinity Turbine and the quest for the Xprize... More Info

Strategy and Consulting Services: Renewable energy strategy, Organic Rankine Cycle, CO2 energy, and Sonification technology consulting... More Info

@elonmusk XPrize $100 million CO2 Challenge: Carbon Removal Prize Challenge Sponsored by Elon Musk... More Info

CO2 Phase Change Demonstrator: Experiment with gas to liquids (CO2 to alcohol) using Nafion and our phase change demonstrator cart (we can ship worldwide)... More Info

CO2 GTL Gas to Liquids Experimental Platform: Experiment with gas to liquids (CO2 to alcohol) using Nafion (electrolyzer membrane) and our phase change demonstrator cart (we can ship worldwide). CO2 goes supercritical at 31 C. This is a experimental platform which you can use to demonstrate phase change with low heat. Includes integration area for small CO2 turbine, static generator, Nafion pellets, Nafion membrate, or Nafion tubes... More Info

Concept: The concept of the SeaMerlin Engine is to convert or supplement existing marine vessel propulsion to a gas leverage turbine which scavenges CO2 from saltwater at the same time it provides vessel thrust.

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