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CONTENTS Vision is published annually by the University of Montana Office of the Vice President for Research and Creative Scholarship and University Relations. It is printed by UM Printing & Graphic Services. PUBLISHER: Scott Whittenburg MANAGING EDITOR: Cary Shimek PHOTOGRAPHER: Todd Goodrich GRAPHIC DESIGNER: Neal Wiegert CONTRIBUTING EDITORS: Courtney Brockman, Joe Fanguy, Allison Franz, Judy Fredenberg, John Heaney, Andrea Lewis, Breanna Roy, Jennifer Sauer, Holly Truitt, Scott Whittenburg and Nathalie Wolfram EDITORIAL OFFICE: University Relations, Brantly Hall 330, Missoula, MT 59812, 406-243-5914, cary.shimek@umontana.edu MANAGEMENT: Judy Fredenberg, Research and Sponsored Programs director, University Hall 116, Missoula, MT 59812, 406-243-6670, judy.fredenberg@ umontana.edu. On the Cover: The Wendy Schmidt Ocean Health XPRIZE for accuracy is posed with UM’s Main Hall. (Photo by Todd Goodrich) 14 Flickr photo by Keith Allison 24 30

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Concept: The concept of the SeaMerlin Engine is to convert or supplement existing marine vessel propulsion to a gas leverage turbine which scavenges CO2 from saltwater at the same time it provides vessel thrust.

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