DuPont Nafion PFSA NR-211 and NR-212 membranes

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DuPont Nafion PFSA NR-211 and NR-212 membranes ( dupont-nafion-pfsa-nr-211-and-nr-212-membranes )

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www.fuelcellstore.com sales@fuelcellstore.com (979) 703-1925 DuPontTM Nafion® PFSA Membranes NR-211 and NR-212 Description DuPontTM Nafion® PFSA NR-211 and NR-212 membranes are based on chemically stabilized perfluorosulfonic acid/PTFE copolymer in the acid (H+) form, and exhibit substantially lower fluoride ion release compared to the non- stabilized polymer – a sign of improved chemical durability. Nafion® PFSA membranes are widely used for Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cells and water electrolyzers. The membrane performs as a separator and solid electrolyte in a variety of electrochemical cells that require the membrane to selectively transport cations across the cell junction. The polymer is chemically resistant and durable. The membrane is positioned between a backing film and a coversheet. This composite is wound on a 6 inch ID plastic core, with the backing film facing out, as shown in Figure 1. A 6 inch ID plastic roll core is the standard. However, a 3 inch ID plastic roll core is used for roll lengths that are less than 25 meters long. Figure 1: Roll Unwind Orientation (Backing Film Facing Out) Coversheet Membrane Backing Film The backing film facilitates transporting the membrane into automated MEA fabrication processes, while the coversheet protects the membrane from exposure to the environment during intermediate handling and processing. In addition, the coversheet (in combination with the backing film) eliminates rapid changes in the membrane's moisture content, and stabilizes the dimensions of the membrane as it is removed from the roll. Membrane

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DuPont Nafion PFSA NR-211 and NR-212 membranes

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