XPrize Contestant to Mitigate CO2 by SeaMerlin


SeaMerlin The SeaMerlin Engine is a water based gas leverage turbine for marine propulsion, seawater distillation, oceanwater CO2 harvesting, and more.

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Strategy and Consulting Services: Renewable energy strategy, Organic Rankine Cycle, CO2 energy, and Sonification technology consulting. More Info

@elonmusk XPrize $100 million CO2 Challenge Carbon Removal Prize Challenge Sponsored by Elon Musk More Info

CO2 Phase Change Demonstrator $150,000 Experiment with gas to liquids (CO2 to alcohol) using Nafion and our phase change demonstrator cart (we can ship worldwide). More Info

CO2 GTL Gas to Liquids Experimental Platform Experiment with gas to liquids (CO2 to alcohol) using Nafion (electrolyzer membrane) and our phase change demonstrator cart (we can ship worldwide). CO2 goes supercritical at 31 C. This is a experimental platform which you can use to demonstrate phase change with low heat. Includes integration area for small CO2 turbine, static generator, Nafion pellets, Nafion membrate, or Nafion tubes. More Info

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Infinity Turbine LLC is pleased to announce its consulting and analyst services. For decades I have worked in the renewable energy industry as a researcher, product developer, machine shop owner, and developing sales and markets, along with many inventions and innovations. I am a database expert, which gives you organized information and data.

XPrize Consulting is provided on a best efforts basis, and does not include any proprietary information developed from Infinity Turbine or our other owned companies.

We present data in logical, easy to understand format with links for additional research or verification of data.

Minimum contract $4,999. Up to 10 hours of consulting. Sold as-is and provided on a best efforts basis.

All time is documented and a summary log will be provided when requested.

Unused credit may be used for a period of six months after invoice date.

Consulting is provided via telephone, email, or other media as agreed to in writing (email).

Minimum billing is 30 minutes, so it is recommended to have questions, support, and consulting for at least that period of time. References available.

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