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Some of my companies include:

Global Energy LLC

Ocean Ethanol LLC

Infinity Turbine LLC

Infinity Supercritical LLC

Some History:

Global Energy LLC has been selling renewable energy biomass systems (biomass burners, steam turbines, and steam engines) along with lumber/pallet/firewood container mounted dry kilns for the past 30 years.

Forest Products Industry Container Kiln: Global Energy invented the container (using standard ISO shipping container) kiln in 1991 for dimension lumber, timber frame, poles, pallets, and a novel market of kiln-dried firewood.

Capstone Microturbine: In the past 20 years Global Energy set up the worldwide secondary market for distributed energy (microturbines) focusing on the Capstone Turbine via this Global Microturbine website. Applications: Primary or backup power. Greenhouse or grow operations. Hurricane power. Forest fire backup power when the grid goes down. Waste heat can be used directly for drying hemp, firewood, and lumber in a container kiln. Cogeneration to produce both heat, hot airflow, and power for drying operations.

Ocean Ethanol LLC: Since 2004 specialized in CO2 waste heat to energy, CO2 to fuels, and sonochemistry with the start-up Ocean Ethanol LLC. In that company received two patents, and developed a catalyst to convert CO2 and hydrogen into ethanol and alcohol. Also was able to show (lab scale) a fuel cell in reverse that took liquid CO2, water, and electricity to make methanol, butanol, and ethanol.

Infinity Turbine LLC. ORC Organic Rankine Cycle: Branching off into the waste-heat-to-energy field, Infinity Turbine was organized in 2008. Since then, hundreds of small turbines have been sold and put into the field. Applications: industrial and commercial waste heat, including cloud server 31 C (89F) waste heat using tribo effect power generation and supercritical CO2.

Power Solutions: Global Energy LLC and Infinity Turbine LLC have teamed up to provide comprehensive power solutions, including developing new power production methods, like TriboElectric Technology (solid state power generation using CO2 and low grade heat) and the Lithium battery powered Ground Power Unit (GPU).

Renewable Energy: Global is starting to compile a database of solar PV panels to determine best cost, weight to power ratios, and other key data for land and marine use.

FileMaker Database: The background of all operations is Filemaker. It is a sophisticated, but easy-to-use organizer. Global has developed many solutions in all areas of business and energy.

Waste Heat to Energy: Since 2008 specialized in using Brayton and Organic Rankine Cycle (closed-loop phase change cycles) to make waste heat to energy, specifically using common refrigerants and carbon dioxide (CO2).

Developed supercritical phase change CO2 test demonstrator cart for developing micro turbines for supercritical CO2 with heat as low as 89F (which can be used by any solar thermal or cloud computer server farms, or even bitcoin cooling).

Supercritical CO2 Extraction: Since 2015 started a company that developed, built, and sold:

– Supercritical CO2 systems for the botanicals industry

– Experimented and developed hydrodynamic cavitation extraction system

– Developed vegetable oil solvent based extraction system for hemp and other botanical oil applications, including harvesting terpenes

– Developed home based DIY cosmetic system for formulating skin cream and oils

– Developed hydrodynamic cavitation extraction system for harvesting terpenes

– Researched spinning disc reactor for centrifugal partition chromatography

– Researched structured water for extraction, centrifugal separation, terpene harvesting, plant growth (hydroponics, fogponics) and other applications as presented by state-of-art Russian research and Viktor Schauberger

– Researched spinning laser light for plant growth

– Experimented and developed a one moving part liquid cavitation pump

– Experimented and developed a modular fogponics system

– Experimented and developed a solid state chiller

– Experimented and developed super chilled salt water, ethanol, and CO2 systems

– Experimented with various methods of using pressure to perform extraction, including pulsed pressure, explosive nitrogen decompression, time pulsed pressure variation, and other schema

– Developed, marketed, and sold a single and dual bowl fast filter system for secondary processing of winterized extracts (system available for licensing)

– Developed a tribo electric CO2 expander with no moving parts

– Developed, built, and put into products a static generator used for collection of particulates, or ESP electrostatic precipitator

– Researched and developed a comprehensive database of essential oils and botanical plants specific to the essential oil market and nutraceuticals

– Spoken to thousands of botanical and hemp investors, customers, farmers, start-ups, extractors, developers, dryers, processors, harvesters, retailers, and sales groups.

– Researched effects of LED lights on plant growth cycles and incorporated modular light design into fogponics system

– Developed Filemaker database modules for developing systems, testing, data silos, invoicing, sales, marketing, and other uses

– Using Capstone Turbine for providing co-generation to dry hemp flower

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SeaMerlin The SeaMerlin Engine is a water based gas leverage turbine for marine propulsion, seawater distillation, oceanwater CO2 harvesting, and more.

About More about Infinity Turbine and the quest for the Xprize. More Info

Strategy and Consulting Services: Renewable energy strategy, Organic Rankine Cycle, CO2 energy, and Sonification technology consulting. More Info

@elonmusk XPrize $100 million CO2 Challenge Carbon Removal Prize Challenge Sponsored by Elon Musk More Info

CO2 Phase Change Demonstrator $150,000 Experiment with gas to liquids (CO2 to alcohol) using Nafion and our phase change demonstrator cart (we can ship worldwide). More Info

CO2 GTL Gas to Liquids Experimental Platform Experiment with gas to liquids (CO2 to alcohol) using Nafion (electrolyzer membrane) and our phase change demonstrator cart (we can ship worldwide). CO2 goes supercritical at 31 C. This is a experimental platform which you can use to demonstrate phase change with low heat. Includes integration area for small CO2 turbine, static generator, Nafion pellets, Nafion membrate, or Nafion tubes. More Info

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